Weekly Wrap Up

Last week was pretty uneventful.  School is going well.  I had another session with the grand jury but we were done relatively early.  Caleb had his DEP call with his recruiter on Thursday.  The first semester of school is done and we are getting ready to start the second semester on Tuesday.  We finished up our study of Madagascar and will start Central Africa next week.  We had one art project we never could seem to get to so hopefully one of these days we’ll get it done and I’ll be able to show it off.  On Friday we received our first two review products so we’ll be able to start those off on Tuesday as well.


Now here are a few images from last week.  On Sunday I worked hard to put the finishing touches on my desk area in the bedroom.  I wanted an area that would make it easy to be productive with both scrapping and school paper work.  I’m really excited about my space and it really has been a blessing.  On Monday, Joshua made himself a frozen waffle for breakfast and decided to heat up the last of the syrup in the bottle.  It turned out to be an unintended experiment when the bottle took on a different shape.  Tuesday while I was reading about the extinct Elephant Bird, Hannah made her own picture to represent the size in relationship to a human.  I love these spontaneous moments that show they are listening and learning.

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