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Lord Heritage – HomeSchool Office – Review

HomeSchool Office Review
Lord Heritage has developed HomeSchool Office to help families with their homeschool planning and reporting.  It is a flexible program that allows you to create lesson plans, schedule assignments, assign grades, track hours, and generate a variety of reports.  It also allows you to add in chores, activities, and projects so that you can put all the parts of you life together in one place.

Our family is reviewing our experience with HomeSchool Office.  The support page provides lots of helpful information to help you get started setting up your account and page.  As the parent you create the main password for the account that gives you the administrative powers to set and plan for your homeschool.  You can also generate passwords for your students so that they can access their assignments.  When students are log in the only area they can click on is the work area where the lessons are scheduled on the calendar.

Parents will find all tabs activated when they log in.  One of the first areas in the Team area.  This section includes taps that allow you to set up information about your school, your school district, teachers, and students.  It also has a tab that lets you resources you use in your school and friends (a contact list).

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Plan is the main area where you set up everything you need to assign work for your students.  In this section there are tabs for setting up the subjects your students will be using.  A School Year Lesson Plan which has a calendar that allows you to set up which days of their year are school days.  This is used when lesson plans are added.  If you have days unchecked on this calendar then the program will skip those days when added work to the schedule.  The Master Schedule tab allows you to assign which subjects are done each day.  You can schedule everything for everyday or you can assign certain subjects on only a few days.  The Project tab gives you a place to set up school projects and assign them to certain subject areas.  Budget gives you the place to track expenses.

Order shows you the assignment calendar.  From here the parent can make adjustments or print out assignments.  You can view the calendar but the month, week, or day.  You can also view the assignments in list form by the week or day.  This screen also gives you place to set up to do lists and assign them to  one of the calendars.  You can set up as many calendars as you want.  I set up one calendar for each child so that it is easy to print out a list specifically for that child.  Changes can be made by the parent in the Order section.

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Work looks pretty much like the Order section but in this section is for viewing only.  This is the only section that is active when the child uses their log in.   Like the Order area you can also turn off and on calendars so that the student can see just their work if they are logged in.  Also, if you want to print out assignments you can the assignments for only one student.

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Evaluate is where you will enter grades and manage attendance.  Each grade does have to be entered separately but as you start to type in the assignment it will bring up assignments for the lesson plans so you don’t have to retype everything.

Report is the area where you can print all kinds of reports based on the information you need.  You can click on any areas you wanted included in your report.  In this area you can also generate a transcript.

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Using HomeSchool Office

When I first opened the program and began to use I had little trouble figuring out how to set everything up but by taking advantage of the Support area I was able to figure my way around the program.  Once you add items to the lesson plan they are quickly added into the assignment calendars for each student.  I only added a few weeks worth of lessons plans since I wanted to get started quickly.  When the student runs out of items in the lesson plans for a certain subject when you print out the assignments you lets you know that you have run out of work.

Since I was away from home for a couple of weeks during the review period I was able to print out a copy of the assignments for my husband and older son to help them check up my two students while I was away.  They were also to log in and check their assignments for themselves.

During the review period their brother was home on leave.  There was one week that I had marked as a school week that they ended up not getting any school done because they were busy doing things with their brother.  While the easiest way to take time off from school is to mark the days as non-school days before they occur.  But the work had already been assigned and those days had passed and I couldn’t figure how to move them.  I put in a request through the support page.  Customer service got back with me quickly on how to solve my problem as well as giving me the suggest to uncheck days ahead of time to avoid the problem in the future.  They also check with me to make sure the information given worked for me.  I was impressed with the level of customer service.

There were a few things I would have like to have like being able to copy and paste items on the master calendar so that it would be quicker to fill in.  Also for items that children repeated every day like such as spend 15 minutes free reading those items could be put into the lesson plan and just repeated with the same assignment each day.  Also, I would have found it helpful that items on the lesson plan where already listed in the Evaluate section and you only needed to go back and enter the grades.

Because this program is online it is easy to access on any computer or tablet with internet access.

HomeSchool Office Facts

This program can be used by the whole family whether you are parent log in and entering information or the student logging in to check on their assignments.

Annual subscriptions are $79 and can be used by all the students in the family.  The annual subscription rate also gets you any updates as the occur during the year.

For those who would like to try it before they buy it Lord Heritage offers a 30-day Free Trial that will allow you to give the program a test run before you purchase.


HomeSchool Office Review

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Greetings From Far Away – Reflections as I Travel

While I don’t know how to add pictures since I am using a computer at the airport I wanted to take a minute to check in from across the world.  I am writing to you from the Terminal 3 lounge at the Chiang Airport in Singapore.

My journey actually started a few months ago when I found out that my son Jacob and his wife Kelly were expecting their first child.  Next came the offer to make it possible for me to fly over and join them for a short visit in Thailand while they waited for the baby’s passport, etc.  Next came checking in with work that I would be able to have two weeks off before I even knew if it would be possible.  That was quickly squared away and the waiting and anticipation began.

There was a short interlude of stressing with insurance issues and having sinus surgery in January and into February.  Then came the period of recovery.  I guess that’s one way to pass the time.

Then at around 2:30 am on February 27 the call came in that I had a brand new granddaughter Lillian Juniper.  Another couple of weeks of waiting and then the travel portion of the journey began.

Lots of hours on the air and I arrived in Chiang Mai.  I have a series of blog posts that I have already started planning that will be appearing in the coming weeks.  These will include all sorts of lovely pictures.

But as I start the homeward journey I wanted to check in with a few quick thoughts.  Leg one is done.  The next leg will be long.  Then one more short hop from New York and in another day and a half I should be home.

I can’t completely put it into words but this journey touched me in ways I’m still processing and might not ever be able to put into words.  Leaving was hard, not just because I’m leaving the world’s greatest grand baby but also because I’m leaving Chiang Mai.  I am glad I am now Facebook friends with some that are still there and I will get little peaks.  I don’t know if time or distance will change how I feel right now but someday I truly hope to return.  I had to check myself when I made a purchase here in Singapore because I wanted to put my hands together, nod my head, and say thank you.

Grand babies are the greatest.  Holding my grandchild felt different from holding my own children.  Both are precious, special moments, but they are not the same.  I think this something I would never have understood until I held Lily in my arms.  Holding her as she slept the other day was such a special moment.  She is so tender and sweet and I pray that she will always know and understand that she is loved not just by her parents, not just her extended family, but by people around the world.  She will be blessed to be a truly global child.

Sometimes stressing and being anxious about something turns out to be much of a wasted effort.  I was so apprehensive about making this trip on my own and it turned out to be a wonderful experience so far.  Singapore Air is tops in food and service.  I would highly recommend them.  I also found that traveling alone can have a few plusses like have time for quick reflection, reading, or watching a movie.

Well I’ll wrap up for now.  Watch this space for more trip inspired blog posts along with some visuals.

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P is for Play – ABC Blogging

#abcblogging #playThis week I decided to have a little fun with ABC Blogging.  This week P is for Play.  All of us have to take time to relax and have fun.

Play can just be random activity done with fun.  Children usually can figure out how to relax and play all on their own.  But I had some other things in mind when I planned this post.

I really appreciate it when I see older children let go of their “cool” long enough to enjoy playing and interacting with younger children.  My children have always found it fun to help out in the church nursery.  The little boys always loved to have Joshua come help out because he was willing to really get down and play with them.  Also, watching older cousins play with their younger cousins.  What is really interesting is to watch the mantle being passed on as new cousins join the family and others grow up.

Play can promote fellowship and relationships either with your family or other groups.  There is something about sitting down and playing a board game together that can bring people together.  Also, a simple deck of cards can be transformed into an ice-breaker.  I enjoy playing games after school with some of the school aged children where I work.  Games can also invoke memories and lead to family traditions.  I have memories of playing Monopoly with my mother and then playing with my own children. See what Wikipedia has to say about this time honored game.

Sometimes play can take a little bit of planning. During a family trip with extended family to Amelia Island I planned out a beachfront pirate themed scavenger hunt.  It was a lot of fun to plan and adding a few props from Oriental Trader added to the fun.  But it was even more fun to watch the teams of cousins have a chance to play and interact with each other.

So stop by and tell me about some of the things your family does to relax and play.

Blogging Through the Alphabet
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O is for Ornament – ABC Blogging

#abcblogging #ornament #Christmas I know we are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day today and my birthday but I couldn’t come up with anything for O that would fit with those.  So for ABC Blogging this week I give you O is for ornaments.

2013-12-07 09-42-06 - DSCN0548No matter what your ideas are on tree decorating you are sure to include ornaments.  There are some people who go with a theme and everything has to match or go together.  In our town they have a parade of trees that is used as a fund-raiser where each tree has a theme.  There are always interesting to look at and can often give you ideas.

2013-12-07 09-40-31 - DSCN0545But for me I love our eclectic tree.  Our tree is full of ornaments that provoke memories.  Some were mine as a child.  Others were purchased over the years for my children and reflect their different interests over the year.  There are also ornaments that my children have made over the years as well. Hands On: We Grow has lots of great ideas if you would like to make some for your tree this December.   The ornaments on the tree can also bring back special memories of a people or places.  It might be something purchased during a trip or something that came from someone who is no longer with us like the train my mother had purchased for my son when he was little.  There are also the little booties that have the name of our son Samuel who was born into heaven given to me by my close friend that very hard first Christmas.

Does thinking about ornaments bring up any memories for you.  Take a few minutes to share your ornament memories.

Blogging Through the Alphabet
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