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FishFlix.com – Exploring Ephesus – Review


FishFlix.com Review

The Company

FishFlix.com provides videos that align with Christian values as well as provide great entertainment.  They also provide information on a variety of topics.  They have movies for the whole family including movies design specifically with children in mind and Christian romance for moms.  There are movies that tell Bible stories or provide a topic for Bible Study.

FishFlix.com Review

The Product

Our family reviewed the movie Exploring Ephesus, City of Apostles.  We were provided with a DVD which had a 58 minute video plus bonus features.  You hop in the car with Dr. Mark Wilson and Dr. Andy Jackson for a road tour of Ephesus and see some famous sites from the New Testament.  You will study several locations in the region that Paul traveled during his missionary journeys.  You will see ruins and walk through archways.  In addition to the road trip you will also board a boat for a trip to Patmos where the Apostle John received God’s Revelation.  It was interesting to see the church that has built over the supposed site of the very cave where John sat and learned from God.  You will explore some of the features and events at the time Revelations was written and see how that might have affected the messages of the letters to the seven churches.  You get to see the amphitheater that was the sight of a riot over the decline in idol worship that was affecting the economy of Ephesus.  You also get to see some beautiful artwork hidden in caves that early Christians used to worship during a time of persecution.  You will learn why the sight where the Apostle John is buried is believed to be the authentic burial-place.  This and so much more await you as you venture through these ancient sites.

The bonus features include several commentaries on the related topics of the Book of Ephesians  and the Seven Churches.  Also, there are Lessons for Today.  They round out the bonus features with a movie trailer and a music video.  The music video features some of the wonderful music heard in the background of the video along with some of the best video footage.

#fishflic.com #fishflix #ephesus Our Thoughts

We watched the Exploring Ephesus one afternoon and plan to watch it again.  The cinematography is breathtaking and really gives you a feel for being on a tour of the area.  I love how they combined historical information, Bible verses, and visits to the actually sites.

The video was both entertaining and informative.  I had never really given much thought to how many of the New Testaments locations included the birthplace of Paul were actually located in Turkey.  I learned that the Isle of Patmos is now a part of Greece and is a tourist location.  The music was a wonderful backdrop to the whole video experience as well.  I found the music video in the bonus features to be very relaxing.

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FishFlix.com Review

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Homeschool Legacy – Native America Unit – Review

Homeschool Legacy Review

The Company

Homeschool Legacy wants to make unit studies easy and accessible to all kind of homeschoolers.  They have created a product that helps to make the thought of unit studies seem less intimidating.  They are well laid out with plenty of options.  They have created “Once-A-Week” Unit Studies.  They don’t require any fancy preparation, use books from the library, they are biblically center, and are also lots of fun.  There is also a great variety of studies to choose from.

Homeschool Legacy Review

The Review Product

Hannah and I review Native America – Once A Week Unit Study.  Native America is designed to be a 6-week unit study.  Over the course of six weeks you will study:

  1. The Northwest Woodland Nations
  2. The Southeast Nations
  3. The Southwest Nations
  4. The Plains Nations
  5. The Pacific Northwest Coast Nations
  6. The California/Plateau/Great Basin Nations

The unit study also provides the information needed for those participating in Boy Scouts or American Heritage Girl to work on earning the badges that cover this topic.  They also provide information on how to schedule your unit study.  Also, provided at the back of the booklet is all the information you need to get the most out of your unit.

Each week provides an intensive list of choices for books to use for that week’s study.  The ones that are most needed to complete the assignments are marked.  We have a small library and we often had to make substitutions but with the great information and Dewey Decimal call letters finding something that you could use was easy.

And while it is a Once-A-Week Unit Study there are some daily activities included in the study. There is both independent and family reading assigned to use throughout the week. The Once-A-Week activities can be used all at once for a  full day of study or can be spread out over the week for shorter unit times.

Each week activities include a Family Devotional that explores a different character trait and ties it into the study of the natives being study that week.  There are also art, music, history, language, research, anthropology, crafts, and geography to name a few.  The activities vary from week to week so you won’t get bored.

#homeschoollegacy #unitstudy

Using Native America At Our House

We received the digital copy of the study.  The first thing I did when I received my copy was to look through the digital file.  I used Adobe to print out the whole unit in booklet form to use as my guide was I was teaching my daughter.  Then as we needed things like a recipe or map I would print out that page as needed.

#unitstudy #homeschoollegacyI used the online library catalog from our local library system to order the books I needed and then I could pick them up.  For “The Song of Hiawatha” we used an audio file that we checked out through our library.  It made it a fun way to listen to this longer piece.

Since I work we did the reading every day when I got home from work and did the activities over 2 or 3 days depending on my work schedule on any given week.

Thoughts On Once-A-Week Unit Study

I loved doing unit studies and with having to return to work force I figured there was no way to make them work but Once-A-Week Unit Study showed me that it is possible to do a unit study while being a working homeschool parent.  Everything was laid out and easy to follow.  Any supplies needed were clearly listed at the beginning of each week so that you could have what you needed.  Since each week was so rich with activities I didn’t feel guilty about having to skip a couple because time got away from us.

#unitstudy #homeschoollegacyI really like how the devotional activities covered character traits and that those traits were linked and related to the regional tribes we were studying.  I really liked the mapping activity that first examined how many of our state names came from natives.  Another week you take that map and lay over the regions that the are covered in the unit.

I think the meal Hannah cooked in week one as a big favorite with the whole family as it turned out really well.  We had posted pictures on Facebook and everyone at work was asking how it tasted because the pictures looked so yummy.


Native America Once-A-Week Unit Study is designed to be used with grades 2-12.  It is suggested that for older students you might want to substitute some non-fiction books from the adult section.  This can be easily used with the whole family.

The PDF digital copy we used for the unit study sales for $15.00.  You can also order a printed copy for $19.95 plus shipping.

Homeschool Legacy Review

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Homeschool Legacy Review
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Real Life Press – Guide to Daylight – Review

Real Life Press Review

The Company

Real Life Press is made up of Heidi and Jay St. John who have created a set of products that will help your family be consisted and firmly planted.  They present material that will work in real life.  The Firmly Planted Series is a Bible study series.  While the Busy Mom books provide information and advice for homeschool moms.

Real Life Press Review

The Product

I reviewed a digital copy of The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Daylight by Heidi St. John. Guide to Daylight address so many of the issues homeschool moms face in making the most of their daylight hours.  It approaches the subject with doses of humor and glimpses of real life.  Heidi isn’t afraid to reveal her own failures as an illustration of changes that can be made.  She also gives you a peak at other homeschool families.

One of the most import lessons to take from the book is to seek God first.  No two homeschools are ever going to be the same and every family goes through different seasons and because of that you need to remain flexible and willing to change when needed.

The digital book is available in ePub, Mobi, or PDF which means you should have no trouble using it on any kind of device you might want to use.  It is also available in a traditional paper form.

The book consists of 8 chapters.  Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of making the most of your daylight. There is also an introduction that helps you get started with learning to make First Things First including making your marriage the top priority.  (Note the subject of marriage is taken deeper in A Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Romance).

  • Intentional Daylight – discusses why it’s so important to have a Plan of Action
  • Organized Daylight – talks about the need to control the clutter in our lives and homes
  • Scheduled Daylight – yes this one covers the need for a schedule with the reminder to stay flexible
  • Hungry Daylight – discusses how to get your family feed in ways that won’t create angst
  • Discouraged Daylight – learn to handle set backs and how to be open so that you can encourage others
  • Consolidated Daylight – addresses multilevel teaching
  • Wasted Daylight – talks about the hard subject of our electronic and other distractions
  • Surrendered Daylight – taking it all to the Lord and let him lead your family

How It Spoke to Me

I read my digital copy on my Kindle Paperwhite where I was able to highlight and make notes as I read through the book.  I kept getting distracted (see Wasted Daylight) so I read most of this book one afternoon while my daughter help out at the church.2015-04-30 16.02.15

When you have been homeschooling a long time you aren’t always sure there are new things to learn but sometimes something comes along at the right time to really speak to your heart.  Guide to Daylight turned out to be one of those books for me.  I have been going through a season of discouragement because things haven’t worked out exactly how I wanted them to.  The chapter on Discouraged Daylight was a big help in this area.  Every bit of this book touched on different areas of my life.

I think the chapter that spoke to me the most right now was Organized Daylight. I loved the quote included at the beginning of the chapter.  “Don’t own so much clutter that you will be relieved to see your house catch fire.” – Wendell Berry because there was a time when faced with an approaching hurricane I felt like if I can save my pictures I don’t care about the rest of it. This chapter has also prompted immediate actions.  Personally, I think that if I can get a handle on the clutter and chaos surrounding me in my home that it will be making it easy to cope with other areas.  As the book mentions clutter is not just the physical space it is taking up but also the emotional toll it takes.  So far I have empty out a front hall closet that had lots of books stored it.  This was left over curriculum stuff.  Outdated or torn up books were but in the recycle can and the rest were divided between the library and being given to friends.  This freed up the closet to actually hold jackets, etc.  This allowed me to take them out of the rack in the laundry room which led to starting a new laundry system, etc.  It is amazing how one project leads to the next.  I am amazed that just taking a few minutes each day can start to have amazing results.  Also, my children have now started working on their own rooms.

I also see that I will need to start to work on a new Schedule that will work for me as a working, homeschool mom.  I have already learned in the past two weeks that one area I need to be consist in when I get home from work no matter if I work until 2 pm or 6 pm is that I need to check school work and my current decluttering plan  If I stop to “rest” for a few minutes, check out what’s on TV, or check my email the time is lost and the work doesn’t get done.  I have also turned over dinner planning and prep on to my children so that meals are ready on time I don’t have to stop from what I consider are my come home priorities in this season.  And as you can see in just working on the schedule you hit on so many of the other topics in Guide to Daylight because when you are planning your day you must have time for meals, keeping thing in order, getting school done, etc.

One of the best parts of this book is the  repeated message that you have to find the method that works best for you in the season you’re in no matter what area of daylight you are addressing. It was a delight to read this book.

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Real Life Press Review
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A+ Interactive Math – Review

A+ Interactive Math Review

The Company

Sometimes the very name of something gives you a good idea of what to expect from the product and A+ Interactive Math is one of those titles.  They offer both online and CD versions of their interactive math products for all levels of math.  A+ also offers workbooks and worksheets.  They offer both a school and homeschool version.  They can provide a complete math curriculum for all students.  Their program can also offer remediation for students who are behind in their math skills or have math gaps.  Their website offers plenty of support to help you choose the best product for your situation as well as provide needed support for using their product.

A+ Interactive Math Review

The Product

Our family reviewed the Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan.  This product tests the student at their current grade level in several areas that are covered during that level.  After the student has completed the test it will let you know whether the child is currently working on grade level or not.  If they are not at grade level then the student is directed to complete a lesson with an interactive portion and then to complete the worksheet for that topic.  When the child has completed all the topics they can then retake the test to see if they are now up to grade level.  You can adjust the students grade level at any time during your 3-month membership.

#A+InteractiveMath #InteractiveMath #OnlineThe interactive lessons start with a video lesson that demonstrates the concept being taught.  This is followed by several questions completed in an interactive method with immediate feedback.  The worksheets are online with multiple choice questions.  Both the test topics themselves and the lesson topics are all broken down into easy to manage and understand pieces so that you can clearly see weak areas and not feel overwhelmed even in areas that need a lot of work.

When logging in as a parent it is easy to check out your child’s progress in general and review each test, lesson, and worksheet to find out exactly which questions they missed if you want to make the review more focused.

Using It At Our House

#A+InteractiveMath #InteractiveMath #Online I knew that my children had gaps and I was excited to have a chance to try this product out.  We got off to a slow start because I realized I needed to sit down with my children and walk them through the process I wanted them to follow.  Also, they tried to get away with only completed one lesson each day.  All three of us it on different PC computers all using Windows 8.1.

The plan we have come up with is to have them take the tests one at a time.  For any test that they failed to reach grade level they will then work through the interactive lesson and then complete the online worksheet for that level.  If they score will they will move onto the next lesson until they have completed all the lessons and worksheets for that test topic.  They can then retake the test and move on to the next test until they have reached grade level in all subject areas.  When working on lessons and worksheets they need to work for at least 30 minutes each day.

Thoughts on A+ Interactive Math

#A+InteractiveMath #InteractiveMath #OnlineI knew my children had gaps and this has been a big help in seeing those gaps as well has having a good way to work at filling them in.  Because they have several gaps and we got off to a slow start I am sure I will be purchasing additional time for our family.  But I think for most families who have only a few gaps you could easily move through the whole process during the 3-month membership period.  The parent dashboard was easy to manage and made it easy for a working mom to keep up on what was happening.

I can’t speak for other homeschool families but in our house I have been searching for the math program that best fit for my children and myself and as a result this has created gaps when switching from one thing to another.  I feel by using the Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan from A+ Interactive Math I can finally level out my children’s math learning and move forward.

Both children liked how the lesson weren’t too long and they were interesting and really presented the information in a way that was easy for them to completed.  I also learned that it was okay to push them a bit and to make them complete more than one lesson and worksheet set each day.

#A+InteractiveMath #InteractiveMath #Online

Bonus Information

A+ Interactive Math wanted to let you know that  We will start 2-week 40% to 50% off sale on our “Family Math Packages” and “Adaptive Placement Testing w/ Lessons” program on Monday May 4th. Start Date: 5/4/2015 – End Date: 5/18/2015. Not you can make a purchase now and active it later.

Make sure you check out their website for lots of freebies to help you make the best purchasing decisions including top 12 lists for choosing either the Adaptive Placement Test and Individual Lesson Plan or Family Math.  Two of their most popular freebies are the Free Placement Tests and Free Family Math Packages.

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A+ Interactive Math Review
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