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IEW – Fix It! Grammar – The Nose Tree (Book 1) – Review

Fix It! Grammar Review
Institute for Excellence in Writing

Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) has been working to help all children improve their writing skills.  They are also dedicated to offering support in those other areas that make writing easier such as spelling and now grammar as well.  Their material covers all areas from those just beginning through high school.  Many of their materials can be used for a span of ages to make it easy to adapt for use with the whole family.  There website is full of helpful information that helps you make the best choices for your family.  You can also go to IEW’s You Tube page for even more helpful information.  All of their materials are also parent-teacher friendly that makes it easy to teach as well.


Fix It! Grammar Review

Fix It! Grammar 

This time we are reviewing IEW’s new Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree (Book 1).  I used the Fix It! Grammar:  The Nose Tree (Teacher’s Manual Book 1) and my 10th grader used the Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree (Student Book 1).  The teacher’s manual comes with the a downloadable version of the student book or the book can be purchased printed and ready to go.  Both the teacher manual and student book come bound with plastic spiral with makes it very easy to open and turn make for easy use yet it is sturdy.  The teacher’s manual for Fix It! Grammar includes an introduction to explain how the program works and helps you get started with teaching your student.  The process takes about 15 minutes a day. Week 1 comes with detail lesson instruction.  Each day will show the corrected version of the students assignment and also includes extra notes including advanced information.  In subsequent weeks continue with a similar format with a page that helps you teach the new concept for the week.  Each day continues to show you the corrected assignment and notes including the definition for the daily vocabulary word.

The student work book can be downloaded with the purchase of the teacher’s manual.  But if you purchase the each week includes the Learn It page information and the direction for the week.  It also has a page with the work that needs to be corrected.  Also, the top of each weeks assignment page includes a reminder of the information that they should be looking for to mark or correct.  The book also includes card stock pages with review cards that can be cut out and used by the student to help them when doing their work each day.  Finally, there is the Fix It! Grammar Glossary that contains will include the definition of all the needed grammar terms and rules used. It is set up to be used 4 days a week.

We used the Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree with is Book 1 in the Fix It! series.  Each book in the series increases in difficulty and pacing.  There is a placement test available to help you decide the best place to start out.  In The Nose Tree Book 1 each day includes one sentence to be marked and corrected with the new concept for the week and any previous concepts taught.  Each day also includes one word in bold print that they student must look up and define.  After, they have gone over their work with their teacher they then copy the sentence for the day on to paper.  Each day they add to what they have already written.  By the end of the year they will have written a full story.  In The Nose Tree there is usually only one new concept each week and their are a few weeks of just review.

Using Fix It! Grammar – The Nose Tree 

#fixit #grammar #IEW #instituteofExcellenceinWriting #review Joshua used the program Monday through Thursday completing one assignment each day.  When I got home from work I would go over his markings and then he would copy his sentences for the day.  It was always quick and each to complete.  Joshua is also doing IEW’s Student Writing Intensive Level C along with Fix It! Grammar for his English credit.  I choose to start with Book 1 in the series for a couple of reasons including the fact that since we were both new to the program it seemed like a good place to start.  Also, this was a different way of learning grammar.  I wanted to keep it from being overwhelming so we would have immediate success.  Having now used the program for six weeks I think I really made the best choice for my son.  He has completed his work each day without any pushing from me.

Opinion Time

I think that one of the best part of this program is that it doesn’t take a lot of time but it packs a whole lot of learning into those short lessons.  I love how each week builds on the week before so the student is gaining new information but is still reviewing and gaining full mastery of all the concepts.  I found that using it along with Student Writing Intensive was a perfect fit and they worked well together.  Also, because the assignments for SWI are usually more time-consuming having something to is quick to complete makes it easier to make sure it all gets done each day.

I thought it was funny when I ask my son for his opinion on Fix It! Grammar his answer was almost exactly what I said.  He said it was quick, simple, and easy yet he felt like he was learning a lot.

Facts, Just the Facts

Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree (Teacher’s Manual Book 1) sales for $19.00

Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree (Student Book 1) sales for $15.00

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V – The Very Busy Spider – ABC Blogging

ABC Blogging – Having Fun

I continue to have fun bringing you some of my favorite children’s books.  We are getting to the end of the alphabet and I’m not sure what project will be next. Take a few minutes to comment here or in other social media outlets.  You can also follow the link and join in with your own contribution.

V is for The Very Busy Spider

#abcblogging #books #spider So my book for the letter V is The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle.  I love all of his stories and this one also a favorite.  The spider is too busy to play and must get the job of web building done.  When we read this story at our house my boys took yard and strong it back and forth across the room to make their own spider web.  Here are some classroom ideas from the Eric Carle Official Website.  Here are more ideas from Hubbard’s Cupboard.  Of course Pinterest can be counted on for even more ideas.  The story gives you can chance to review animals sounds with your younger readers.

The best part is if you enjoy The Very Busy Spider there are more Very books in the series.  Some of these books include “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, “The Very Quiet Cricket”, and “The Very Lonely Firefly”.

ABC Blogging – Check Out More Posts


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U is for Up, Up and Away – ABC Blogging

Winding Up ABC Blogging

Can you believe we are almost finished with the alphabet and have now hit some of the hardest letters to find books for.  I am determined to finish strong with this round of ABC Blogging though.

ABC Blogging Join In the Fun

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ABC Blogging – U is for Up, Up, and Away

UUpUpAway copyThis week for the letter U is Up, Up, and Away by Ruth Heller.  This is just one book in great series of books for children that explain and explore different parts of speech in a fun manner.  Up, Up, and Away is the book about adverbs.  This book and other in the series are a great starting point for a study of grammar.  Here is a page of links for parts of  speech worksheets.  You can also find several ideas on Pinterest.  So have a fun time exploring adverbs with Up, Up, and Away and look for more in the series.

I love the bright colors, the rhythm of the words, and the easy way to explore the different parts of speech.

ABC Blogging Link Up


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T is for Truman’s Aunt Farm – ABC Blogging

ABC Blogging Winding Down

Hard to believe we are starting to wind down with this round of ABC Blogging.  We have made it to the letter T and one of my favorite stories this week.

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T is for Truman’s Aunt Farm

#abcblogging #books #aunts #ants This week brings us the book Truman’s Aunt Farm by Jama Kim Rattigan.  This is a great story that is as much fun for the parent to read as it is for children to listen too.  Truman has a crazy aunt who sends some unpredictable gifts.  And this time boy do things get crazy.  Truman is expecting an ant farm but what he gets is a delivery of aunts.  With some creative thinking Truman cares for his Aunts and ends up finding them all new homes.

You can raise your ant farm and talk about the difference of caring for insects and people but you can also cover the basics that both would need.  We had our ant farm when we read this story.  Depending on the age of your child you can talk about homophones as well and the mistakes that can happen if you mix them up.  This book is also another one of the Five in a Row book.  Pinterest has some ideas.  The author’s website has a list of ideas to go along with the story.  Delightful Learning has lots of pictures to show off their activities including a very interesting gel filed ant farm.  Finally, The Home School Mom has some links for additional study.

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