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Delicious Deli Decided Delight Day – ABC Blogging

ABC Blogging Photo Round

#delcious #toojays #abcblogging With our new host “The Potter’s Hand Academy” I am working on yet another round of ABC Blogging.  This time I am starting each week’s post with one or more photographs either old or new.  So join me for this photographic journey through the alphabet.

This Week the Letter D is Delicious

This past weekend my son was out camping with the two youngest children so my 2nd born and decided to hang out together.  We also made a conscious decision to delight in the day and set aside any worry about trying to find work for him and some other stuff.  That was the easy decision to be deliberate in seeing delight in every part of our time out together.

Next we had to decide where to go.  Neither one of us is good at making those decisions.  We had come up with a couple of place to decide between when I saw a friend had posted on Facebook that they had just had breakfast at the new Too Jay’s in our area.  I said hey someone mentioned them at work the other day and last week I saw a billboard and wonder about them.  After looking them up on the internet we decided to check them out.  They looked good so that’s were we headed.

#abcblogging #toojays


Arriving there despite the fact that Google Maps thinks it’s at Ruby Tuesday’s up the road begin our delicious deli part of the day.  We decided to start by sharing a plate of Loaded Latkes with is a potato dish loaded with melted cheddar, bacon, tomatoes, sour cream, and scallions.  Notice the fact that the food was so good that there is a bite missing from both sides before we stopped to actually take the picture.

#abcblogging #toojays #latkes


Next we each order a sandwich.  Both were delicious and the amount of fries and coleslaw certainly make it a great deal too.  I had the Beef Brisket Dip baked with caramelized onions and provolone with hot onion soup for dipping.  The taste is unique from any other dip sandwich I’ve ever eaten.  It was amazing as was all the sides including the pickle.

#abcblogging #brisketdip #toojays


Hayden went for the Metropolitan Burger which is topped with caramelized onions, swiss cheese, and arugula served with chipotle mayo.  He said it was amazing and the one bite I took had me convinced.  We now just have to find another time to visit.

#abcblogging #toojays #burger


After we finished lunch we decided to walk across the parking lot to Target.  I was so excited to find a great bag for my trip next year on sale for only $29.95.  Snapped that up.

Then we headed to Publix to do the weekly grocery shopping.  While we aren’t those supper shoppers we did get $140 worth of food for $93.

We finished up our day for fun with a trip through the Starbuck’s drive-thru for a 2 for 1 holiday coffee.  We both had the Caramel Brulee Frappuccino.

#abcblogging #starbucks


Well that is my story of a very special day with my son where we joked, laughed, relaxed, and saved money.


Blogging Through the Alphabet


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C is for Cathedral – ABC Blogging

ABC Blogging Challenge

With a new host I continue to take up the weekly ABC Blogging Challenge.  This round I am choosing photos from the past and present to represent the letter.  Sometimes the picture will be of something that starts with that letter and other times they will represent a concept.

#cathedral #c #abcbloggingC is for Cathedral 

I am including three photos this week all taken of the National Cathedral in Washington DC during our trip there September 2010.  I had never really even seen photos of the National Cathedral before our trip so I was eager to see it.  Hayden really loved seeing all the unique gargoyles and even pretended to be one.  Hannah thought it was fun to find the Florida seal in the floor.  I was impressed with all the rich architectural features and it made me remember my semantics class when I study terms in high school.  #cathedral #flyingbuttress #abcblogging

It is a working cathedral so there are times when services are being held.  But there is a vast museum and lots of rooms and displays to keep you busy for quite a long time.  There are also outdoor spaces where you can stop and reflect and have a quiet moment.  #abcblogging #cathedral #interior

You can check out the official Washington National Cathedral site for all kinds of information but I am including a few of my favorite facts here.

  • Darth Vader can be found at the National Cathedral
  • The North Tower is the only place in North America where you can find both peal and carillon bells.
  • There are 112 gargoyles and 288 angels
  • Woodrow Wilson and Helen Keller are two of the 220 people interred there.
  • The National Cathedral was completed 83 years to the day from when it was begun.

#abcblogging #c #cathedral #national

Join the ABC Blogging Fun

Use the graphic below to find out how you can participate in this round of the ABC Blogging Challenge.


Blogging Through the Alphabet
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IXL Online Math and Language Arts – Review

Christmas Book Review
The Company 

IXL provides online supplemental learning in both math and language arts.  It provides practice at several skills levels and continues to evaluate the student and provide ongoing challenges.   There are already lots of topics and levels to choose from and more are being added.

Once you have created an account you can go into settings and create a profile for both the parent and any children that have been added to the account including the avatar used during sign in.  Also, from profile setting you can choose to receive email reports, to show or hide grade levels and the timer, or allow audio for upper grade levels.

#ixl #onlinelearning

You can access both IXL Math and IXL Language Arts through your PC or on the browsers on many tablets.  You can also access both on the iPad app.  At this time only Math topics are available through the Kindle app.


We reviewed both the IXL Math online learning and the IXL Language Arts online learning.  You can choose to work through these subjects either by grade level or by topic.  The Math levels range from Pre-K skills to Pre- Calculus.  Currently, Language Arts topics range from 2nd through 8th grade at the time of this review. Some of the questions involve choose the right answers and other times you input the correct answer using the keyboard.

#ixl #onlinelearning

Kindle Math Input

When you are signed in as the parent you can get reports for all of your children.  You can select the range you want the report to cover.  The summary section will let you know how much the child completed during the selected range and since you student started using IXL.  There is a news flash section that will give you special updates for your student.  The report will let you know how much time you child spent and  usage (when applicable).  The final section is a chart of the skills practiced.  It lets you know the rank, skill, time spent, programs attempted, and the score.

The Awards section shows you by student and grade level what awards have been earned during the time the student has used the program.  Since I am logged in the next tab lets me know about Florida standards in both Math and Language Arts.

#ixl #onlinelearning #reviewcrew

iPad Awards

Using IXL Online Learning at Our House

#ixl #onlinelearning #math #languageartsI tested out the program on the PC, Kindle 7 HDX with the app, and iPad mini with the app.  Since I just won the iPad mini in a contest Hannah was eager to test out the app using this new piece of electronics.  She used it several days and week.  She worked at an easier level than her grade but worked on topics that we were covering in math.  Hannah also used a few times on the PC.  She reports that both worked pretty much the same and they were both easy to use.  She said it was a lot of fun to use for practice and she liked earning the awards.

Opinions on IXL

If you are looking for a full math program this will not fill your needs but it makes a great supplemental learning program.  It goes through the questions and lets your children practice.  They can earn awards that motivates them to keep working especially with younger learners.  But if your child does get the wrong answer the program will give them feedback that will help them continue to make improvements during their practice time.

Facts about IXL Online Learning 

IXL offers both IXL Math and IXL Language Arts and you can choose either program for $79 a year.  If you want to purchase both subjects the cost is $129.  A second student can be added to the same subject for an additional $20 for a total of $99 a year for one subject or $149 for both.  This price includes access online or through the use of the apps for certain levels and subjects.

  • Online Version allows you to practice Math levels from Pre-K through Pre-Calculus and Language Arts at the 2nd – 8th grade levels
  • Apple App – allows access to complete K-12 Math content and the 2nd-8th grade Language Arts
  • Android App – allows math practice at the K-8th grade levels with more on the way
  • Kindle Fire App – allows math practice at the K-8th grade levels with more on the way

IXL Read More

Click on the graphic below to learn more about how other families used IXL in their families.

Click to read Crew Reviews

#disclaimer #reviewcrew


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A & B – Airman/Bathroom – ABC Blogging

Getting Started with a new ABC Blogging Round

Well the ABC Blogging has a new home this go around.  I missed the first week so this post will include both A and B so I can start get on track.

#abcblogging #a #b

My Theme this ABC Blogging Round

I know that right now my life is pretty crazy so I wanted to go with something simple.  I am going to feature a different photo each week.  The photo might begin with the letter or the photo might represent an idea for that photo.  Some weeks I might have a long post and other links.  Some weeks not so much.  The photos might be old or brand new.  So come along for the ride.

Join in the ABC Blogging Fun

Well this new round is just getting started so click the graphic below to find out how to join in and to so what other people have posted for each letter.

2013-11-01 09-28-14 - DSCN0289A is for Airman

It was just about a year ago that I saw my middle son graduate from Air Force Basic Training.  It is quick a site to stand in the stand watching hundreds of men and women march in for their graduation.  To hear them recite the Airman’s Creed together brought tears to my eyes.  It wasn’t even just about your child but something bigger.

#abcblogging #bathroom #basic


B is for Bathroom

So while we are on the subject of basic graduation after the ceremony the graduates were allowed to take their families through the dorm they stayed in.  There were rows of perfectly made beds.  Closets and drawers neat and containing clothes folder to precision.  But what I noticed was the bathroom.  Can you image a group of guys keeping a bathroom this clean.  Very impressive that’s for sure.

Bonus Image – 

While next week I will have a new post for the letter C since we are talking about Basic Graduation and the reciting of the Airman’s Creed.  I bring you this bonus image.

C is for Creed (Airman’s Creed)

#abcblogging #creed #airman #airmancreed #basic


ABC Blogging Link Up and Information


Blogging Through the Alphabet
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