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Home School Adventure Co. – Philosophy Adventure – Review

Company Information

Home School Adventure Co.

Home School Adventure Co., Destination Truth, was created to help parents in raising children who are compassionate and wise.  They currently offer four products that are designed to help you as the parent work with your child to deepen their understanding of their faith.  Their site also offers other online resources to help parents in their homeschooling journey.  There is a video gallery which offers great overviews of all the products they offer.

Philosophy Adventure the Product

Philosophy Adventure

My son and I reviewed Philosophy Adventure.  This program gives students an in-depth look at the ancient philosophers with a Biblical worldview.  The Reader provides background information on the philosopher and his times.  You also learn about their ideas and what went into forming those ideas.  As you work through each philosopher you look for ways to stretch your skills in writing and speaking.  It also helps the student learn to think critically and with discernment.  Philosophy Adventure comes in a number of formats.  Our family reviewed the digital download version. All the versions come with a Reader which is the main text for the program, a student workbook, and teacher resources.

Using Philosophy Adventure

Since we received our material as a digital product I looked it over to decide what I want to print out ahead of time.  We decided to read the Reader off the computer.  We took turns reading the material together.  The student workbook was the type of PDF you could type in as you go so Joshua worked through the workbook pages and then printed them out after he had filled them in.  We took several days for each lesson.  The first day we read through the main body of the lesson and answered the general questions.  Then one day each on the write, think, and speak sections.  The teacher resources included maps and quizzes along with their answer keys.  We printed those out as we needed them.#homeschooladventure  #philosophyadventure  #biblicalworldview

Thoughts and Reflection

Using the Reader directly on the computer instead of printing it out wasn’t that difficult but I had a bit of confusion the first day until I realized that the write, think, and speak sections were color coded.  Once I figured that out it really was pretty easy to use.  Joshua does not like to write and tried using the combination of the write in PDF along with software that translates your spoken word into the typed word.  That did make it a bit easier for him to work through the material.  He had both the reader and the student workbook on his computer so that he could work through the workbook assignments on his own.  He liked the fact that the student workbook and reader were in separate files because it allowed him to easily refer to the material in the reader while answering the questions in the student workbook.

I loved the full color available in the digital version and found the pictures a great addition.  I like the writing style and since this was an area I had very limited knowledge I found that I was learning a lot from the reader for myself.  I loved how the material really helped to encourage the student to look through the ideas present from a Biblical worldview.  I also liked that it engaged different skill sets as my son worked through the chapter.  The only problem I had was not the fault of the material but with my son.  Getting him to take the information deeper and give better and more detailed and thought out answers was nearly impossible.

While it is designed for students in middle and high school I think the maturity level of the your student and their writing ability will greatly affect the outcome you have with this program.

I really liked Philosophy Adventure and I plan to have my son finish the program and I look forward to using it with my daughter in a few years.

Purchase Options

Philosophy Adventure is designed for students in 6th to 12th grade.

  • The Digital Download version that we reviewed sells for $39.95
  • The Print version with the teacher resources on CD sales for $89.95 with additional workbooks selling for $24.95
  • The Print reader with the workbook and resources on CD sales for $69.95
  • The All CD version sales for $49.95

Special For My Readers

I have a special coupon code for those who wise to purchase the Digital Download Product that we review or any of the other products in the Digital Download Format.

Home School Adventure Co.

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The Viking Ship – Photo of the Week

#photooftheweek #heroesandheriones


Here is my photo of the week.  I love this picture I took of Hannah’s project for school the other day.  She made her own play-dough found in the Heroes and Heroines curriculum we are using to study American History.  We had read about the Vikings and after she made her play-dough she created this very cute Viking ship.  I took the picture on my bed and loved how my dark bedspread almost makes it look like the ship is sailing on a stormy sea.

#photooftheweek #viking

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Curiosity Quest – DVD Combo Packs – Produce/Swimmers of the Sea – Review

Curiosity Quest Review
Curiosity Quest 

Curiosity Quest helps to answer the questions children are curious about in an upbeat and fun way.  Each question is answered in a video that is approximately 30 minutes long.  You can submit new questions to the company.  The host of the show goes to a variety of locations to make sure each question is answered completely.

DVD Combo Packs

Our family reviewed two DVD Combo Packs.  We watched both Produce and Swimmers of the Sea.  The DVD Combo packs included three episodes of Curiosity Quest that relate to each other for almost 90 minutes of viewing time.

Curiosity Quest Review

Produce covers three different crops.  The episodes included on this DVD include Mushrooms, Orange Packing, and Cranberries.  Mushrooms takes you through the process of setting up mushroom beds to picking and finally packaging.  Orange Packing shows the process of picking, grading and packing fruit.  The Cranberry episode finds us in a cranberry bog where different methods of harvesting are explored.  You learn about the how cranberries are sorted.  You also learn how different grades of cranberries are used.

Curiosity Quest Review

Swimmers of the Sea include episodes on Turtle Rescue, Salmon Hatchery, and Penguins.  The Turtle Rescue takes you to the Florida Keys to see how sea turtles are nursed back to health and what happens to turtles that are unable to be released.  Salmon Hatchery showed how nature can be given a helping hand to keep up the population of wild salmon.  In Penguins we were taken to an aquarium where many aspects of penguin life are explained.  We also see how they live their life at the aquarium.

Watching the DVD’s

Hannah and I sat down one afternoon when I wasn’t feeling well and watched through both DVD’s.  On another evening we sat and watched through a couple of the episodes with Dad.

Curiosity Quest Review

Opinion Time

I really enjoyed both of the DVD’s.  I found the information very interesting and even as an adult I learned something new.  I liked the idea that the episodes were based on real things children are curious about.  The videos are high quality and very professional.  My personal favorites were the Salmon Hatchery and the Mushroom episodes probably because these were two topics I knew the least about.#curiosityquest #produce #sea

Hannah loved how really enjoyed the videos. Even at 12 she didn’t think they were below her and thought they were interesting.  She loved how they really showed all the different steps instead of just showing one or two parts.  She found it made it fun to learn from.

My husband only watched two episode and said her found them interesting and informative.  He said the only negative he found was the segments when they ask children questions on the street.  He felt like they highlighted those who gave silly answers and it was making fun of the kids.

Overall, I think that both DVD Combo’s from Curiosity Quest were a lot of fun to watch and I look forward to see more in the future.

Purchasing Information

The Curiosity Quest  DVD’s are designed with children ages 7-14 in mind but I think all ages would find them interesting.

The DVD Combo Packs sell for $24.95.

Most individual Episodes sell for $19.95

Curiosity Quest also offers membership options.  For $264 for a year homeschool families will receive two episodes per month along with learning material prepared by a homeschool mom.  A monthly option is also available for $24.99 a month.

Other Reviews

Check out what other families felt about Curiosity Quest.

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Summer Plans – Let’s Homeschol High School Blog Hop

The theme for April’s Blog Hop is summer planning.

#hshsbloghop #campfire #summerOur summer plans are pretty simple but very busy.  Joshua will be doing lots of summer community service with Camp Fire.  I know for sure he will be participating in both full and half day projects throughout the summer.  If we can work out the funding he will also be talking one full week trip with Camp Fire.  I love our local Camp Fire council because they offer so much for teens during the summer.

The day and half day projects let the teens work in a variety of different situations.  It helps them to both explore different types of careers but it also gives them a better idea of needs in their community.  In the past some of their work has including helping to care for animals, creating a garden, making trails, removing invasive plants, helping to clean up a food pantry, making food, serving food at a homeless shelter, and making cookies for local firefighters to name a few.

The week-long trips are service learning trips call CF66.  There are two teens that plan the trip and act as leaders during the trip.  They travel to a new location each day.  Every location involves a service project, learning opportunity, and usually some fun.  The trip finishes up with some type of celebration.  The teens are given a budget to work with and the better they budget their money the more they can spend on the final event.

Also, this summer we will work on any school projects that need to be finished up or any review material we are working on for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review Crew.

Finally, Joshua plans to work through the Driver’s Ed class offered through Florida Virtual School.

So as you can see we have lots to keep us busy this summer.

#LetsHSHS.com #highschool #homeschoolhighschool #bloghop

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